Senior Staff Software Engineer

Today’s interview features Guido van Rossum, Python’s BDFL and a software engineer at Dropbox. Make sure you follow him on Twitter: @gvanrossum .

What’s your job title?

Senior Staff Software Engineer.

What’s your company’s product?

Dropbox makes a cloud file storage and sharing product.

Why did you choose that position?

I’ve always been a programmer, and have been employed as one since 1977. The title/position reflects my long experience and outstanding reputation.

Could you describe what it is that you do and how exactly does your work contribute to the development of the company’s product?

I write code, I review other people’s code, I design APIs and architectures and review other people’s APIs and architectures. I also try to generally improve the company’s engineering culture.

Why did you choose that specific company to work for?

I really enjoy working for teams or companies that are growing very fast and have to learn new skills due to the fast growth.

Thank you for your time, Guido.

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