CTO / Senior & Lead Developer

Today we have a chance to listen to Baptiste Mispelon. Baptiste co-runs his own company, and is also superinvolved in the Django community – he’s in both Django and Django Girls Core Teams, and also holds the title of the most experienced Django Girls coach, as he attended the most events. Find him on Twitter: @bmispelon .

What’s your job title?

I don’t really have one. CTO? Senior developer? Lead developer? …

What’s your company’s product?

An online tool to help architects find, answer and manage public tenders.

Why did you choose that position?

I kind of evolved into it. I started the company with a friend who handled the business side of the company while I took care of the technical side.

How does your ordinary work day look like?

I don’t have much of a work routine.

I usually arrive to the office around 9 or 10am,  take lunch between 1 and 2pm and I leave the office around 6pm.

During the day, my activities can range from coding, having meetings or catching up on email.

Could you describe what it is that you do and how exactly does your work contribute to the development of the company’s product?

My job involves several related tasks:

Maintain our current code and infrastructure to make sure the website keeps running

Develop new features for our product

Manage the programming team (1 intern): give tasks, review code

What skills and / or qualifications are usually required to do your job?

Aside from programming skills, communication skills are very important. Being able to understand others and explain yourself clearly is necessary for many of the tasks I handle.

Thank you for your time, Baptiste!

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