NFC Nail Art Workshop

Please read before starting your nail art adventure!

  1. Overall tips
    • Make sure none of the gel nail polish touches your cuticles or finger before you cure it – if it does, it will make it last less time. If you see the polish touching the skin, you can remove excess with the wooden stick provided.
    • If you’re using fake nails, you don’t need to use base coat on the fake nail – just stick the LED / data tag and cover with chosen colour and a top coat. The fake nail should be glued directly to your nail.
    • If needed, you can file the fake nails before gluing them on to make them match your nail shape better.
  2. Just before you paint your nails or glue on fake ones:
    • Use wooden sticks provided to push back your cuticles to maximise the working area on your nail.
    • Use cleaner and dust-free wadding swabs to cleanse your nails and finger tops from any oils. CAUTION: the cleaner is mostly alcohol, so if you have any cuts / pulled cuticles it can sting!
  1. Let’s get painting:
    • If you skipped number 2, do these two things now : – )
    • Put on a coat of base nail polish and cure under the UV lamp for 60 seconds.
    • In order to glue on the fake nail, data tag or nail glue, apply the glue to your nail and wait for 5 seconds before applying the accessory.
    • Using the provided nail glue, place a data tag / LED sticker on your nail and keep immobile until it dries enough to stop moving.
    • Cover the tag with colour polish and cure under the UV lamp for 60 seconds.
    • Put on a coat of top coat nail polish and cure under the UV lamp for the 60 seconds.
    • If you wish, you can use any regular nail polish on top of the top UV coat – you should be able to freely remove it with acetone-free nail polish remover without affecting the gel manicure underneath as well.

How to remove gel manicure?

There has been plenty written on this before, so just read up on here: . tldr;  soak in acetone nail polish remover (get in it at any chemist, Boots or Superdrug).

You can skip the nail buffing – why? Learn from our nail guru Cristine:

Where do I get all the cool NFC stickers?

The maker shop Pimoroni is there to fill all your NFC sticker needs – they are currently (as of 1st Sept 2018) out of small data tags, but I think they should be coming back soon.
Click here:

Please share your work with me – I’m @kieczkowska on Twitter, and wanna see all of your creations!

Also, how about a hashtag? #emf2018nailart


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