👋🏻 Hello, I’m Kinga.

I work as a security engineer for a large cybersecurity vendor and live in Edinburgh, Scotland. After hours I love to study and experiment with digital forensics. I also run the Women in Cyber Security Scotland (WiCS) meetup.

I studied Cybersecurity & Digital Forensics and completed my dissertation on the forensic potential of centralised thumbnail caches in macOS.

In the past I’ve worked for Zonefox doing all the things from front end development to cloud traffic monitoring in AWS. I’ve also toured the UAE with Edinburgh Science – previously Edinburgh International Science Festival – showing students the magic of cyber security and prepping them for a nation-wide competition.

Additionally, over the years I’ve been involved in the organisation and teaching at various Django Girls events, as well as PyCon PLPyCon US and PyWaw Summit.

📜 Creds

CompTIA PenTest+ certified

AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner

Bachelor of Engineering in Cybersecurity and Forensics (1st Class Honours)

🎤 Talks

A QuickLook at MacOS Cache Forensics – Blackhoodie 2019

🏅 Bragging corner

New Cyber Talent nominee @ Scottish Cyber Awards 2018

Cyber Security Challenge UK Masterclass finalist 2018


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